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Homel Economical Court Suspends Trial of "Initiative" Women's Association against Homel DEC

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Homel correspondent of RFE/RL, Homel Economical Court suspended the trial on the suit of the Women's association "Initiative" to Homel District Executive Committee that refused to register the juridical address to the organization at a private house in the village of Yaromina. Judge Valiantsina Puhachova couldn't decide whether it is legal to register juridical address at a private house in a village and decided to file an inquiry to the Legislative Commission of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly.

The "Initiative" head Halina Sharakhod tried to obtain from the commission explanations on this matter in December 2003, but didn't succeed.

At the same time, the head of Yeromina Village Soviety Uladzimir Baldachow held a questioning of the village citizens concerning the registration of the organization's juridical address there. According to Halina Skarakhod, he made it on 8 March (not in October, as it is stated in the appropriate documents) in a very original way: he said that the women's organization wouldn't cover the village road with asphalt, was harmful to the state and would collect donations from the women who live in Yaromina to travel abroad at their expense.

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