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Head of Homel “Legal Initiative” Branch Will Collect Signatures for Deprival of “So Called Human Rights Activist” Yawhen Novikaw of TV Ether

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Head of Homel branch of the Republican PA “Legal Initiative” Leanid Sudalenka is going to collect signatures for deprival of “so called human rights activist Yawhen Novikaw” of TV-ether if the National State TV and Radio Campaign doesn’t make it on its own.

In the open letter, submitted by Sudalenka to NSTRC, it is said that the reason for this was the program of Ya. Novikaw of 29 January 2004, devoted to human rights in Czech.

“The author ascribed to Czech people immoral and illegal actions in deeply insulting form. […] Having watched the program, I felt sorry for our, to my mind, crazy TV.”, -- arguments his demand Sudalenka.

He claims from the authorities of Belarusian TV to deprive Ya. Novikaw of TV ether and stop fomenting of national enmity. Applying to the Czech Embassy and the whole Czech people, Sudalenka expresses his excuses for “the things that happen at the State TV of Belarus”.

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