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Hrodna Police Refuses to Bring Case on Anti-Polish Scriptures

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Having noticed the inscription “Poles Go Home” on the wall of the office of the Union of Poles in Belarus, its vice-Head Juzef Pazhecki applied to Hrodna Leninskaya Borough Prosecutor’s Office with the demand to bring a criminal case on the fact of fomenting of the national enmity. However, the prosecutor’s office refused to consider this incident.

“According to the law, it is the police that are to deal with the case”, -- said vice-Prosecutor Iryna Straltsova. “If they decide that there are features of some crime that is in our competence, the case can be passed to KGB or returned to us”.

The investigators of Hrodna Leninskaya Borough Board of Internal Affairs don’t consider this scripture as a crime. The police decided to stop the case because of “absence of corpus delicti”. They qualified it as small disorderly conduct. So, even if they find the persons guilty, the latter will be punished with a fine.

In his interview to the newspaper “Glos z-nad Nemna” vice-Head of Hrodna City Executive Committee Valiantsin Liavonaw also commented on the crime as a pure disorderly conduct.

Tadevush Kruchkowski refused to comment on the decision of Hrodna police.

Andrey Adlianitski

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