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Authorities Increase Pressure on Parents of Lycem Pupils

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As the parents of the children who continue to learn at the officially liquidated National State Humanitarian Lyceum didn’t agree to take their children to ordinary schools, the authorities drew the police. The local police inspectors began to visit their flats. The policemen told that they would pass the composed protocols for consideration by administrative commissions of borough executive committees.

A local police inspector paid two visits to the pupil Alena Dzeyshyts and warned that she would have trouble if she didn’t go to school. That’s how Alena said about it in her interview to Radio “Liberty”.

Alena: “Then I was again alone at home. She phoned and said to open the door. I answered that my parents prohibited opening the door to unknown people. He said that he was from the police and I answered that I didn’t know who he was. Then he came at about 12 p.m. I sat in my room while he was talking with my parents. He asked them where I learnt and told that I was to have learnt at a school… Said that my parents had to write an explanatory note why I wasn’t learning at an ordinary school. He said that my mother would be called to an administrative commission.”

The lyceum teacher said that the lessons weren’t disrupted despite these repressions. At present the pupils are getting ready for the practical scientific conference that is to take place in January. They independently prepare scientific reports. The best ones will be published in the newspaper “Nasha Slova”.

Radio “Liberty”

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