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Czech Committee “For Free Belarus” Supports “Viasna”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Statement of Czech Committee “For Free Belarus” in Support of “Viasna”

For the last months a number of independent editions, dozens of public organizations have been liquidated by Belarusian authorities. The massive liquidation campaign, when these organizations were liquidated for alleged mistakes in the accountancy and wire-drawn reasons, culminated on 28 October 2003 by the liquidation of Human Rights Center “Viasna”.

We consider it as the continuation of the attempts of Lukashenka’s regime to suppress the remnants of the civil society in Belarus that started several years ago by liquidation of oppositional newspapers and radio stations, was continued by arrests and trials of journalists, closure of Belarusian schools and non-governmental democratic societies.

From the time of its founding in 1996 when the first mass arrests of the opposition representatives started, “Viasna” became the most authoritative center that with every means possible defended rights of the people who were pressurized by the regime for their activity. “Viasna” activists collected information about violations of the rights of citizens of Belarus, violations during elections and constantly turned attention of the world community to the neglected state of democracy in Lukashenka’s Belarus. I hundreds of political trials “Viasna” lawyers defended innocent members of members of oppositional movements and their adherents.

We attentively watch the situation in Belarus and such practices of dictatorial regimes are well-known to us. It is a sign of weakness and fear of the dictators who try to hold their power at any cost. Finally, they will lose and fade away. We believe that the free community of conscious citizens will win athwart the temporary overweight of the regime and it will take place first of all due to efforts of such people and associations as “Viasna”.

Hold on, we are with You.

29 October 2003