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PA “Radzimichy” Is Being Liquidated”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 21 October the liquidation trial of the public association “Radzimichy”, based in Buda-Kashaliova district, started at Homel Regional Court. The liquidation suit was filed by the Justice Board.

The main pretension to the association is that it doesn’t correspond to its status of district public association. According to the officials of the Justice Board, this association didn’t correspond to this status at the time of registration. When Judge Eleanora Yadchanka asked why then the association had been registered, the representative of the Justice Board Tatsiana Stryzhneva answered that “it was our mistake”. The question why the public association was to suffer for the mistake of the officials remained without answer.

That’s why the court delayed the proceedings till 3 November. Besides, the court demanded from the PA “Radzimichy” the complete list of its members and the journal of activity. According to Ihar Kekelyew, Head of the public association, “Radzimichy” will soon stop working in order to solve the question of their failure to correspond to the district status by executing the instructions of the Justice Board. He thinks that it will help the association to shun the liquidation.

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