Supreme Court of Belarus Liquidates “Lutskevich Brothers Fund”

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Based on information of Radio “Liberty”

It is the 9th liquidated NGO for the last months.

On 16 October Judge of the Supreme Court of Belarus Mikalay Babkow pronounced the following verdict:

“It was decided to liquidate the public association “Lutskevich Brothers Fund” and exact from the public association 82 500 as a State fee. The court decision is enforced immediately and can’t be subject to cassation complaint or protest.”

The reason for the liquidation was the suit of the Ministry of Justice where the Fund was charged with having the inappropriate juridical address and the seal and in some other law violations.

Anatol Hurynovich, Head of this public association, wasn’t surprised with the court verdict: “The Supreme Court couldn’t decide the case in our favor for two reasons. The first is that the whole system of the law machinery in Belarus is aimed at suppression of every initiative, for which liquidation of all active organizations is necessary. And the second – we didn’t present our new juridical address by the deadline, defined by the Ministry of Justice.”

Answering the questions of Radio “Liberty” about the plans for future, Anatol Hurynovich pointed out: “There are the aims and tasks which Lutskevich Brothers Fund had to execute. They still exist. The people who dealt with their solution also remain here. We will continue our work, finding appropriate forms and methods.”

Radio “Liberty”

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