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“Homel Association of Children and Youth” to Be Liquidated

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

After the statute check-up of “Homel Association of Children and Youth” Tamara Stryzhneva, main specialist of the Justice Board of Homel Regional Executive Committee, decided that the association should be closed.

According to the Justice Board notice, the association failed to periodically conduct the public assembly and the sittings, there are violations of the procedure of accepting to the organization, the seal doesn’t correspond to the demands. The main thing is that the check-up didn’t confirm the regional statute of “Homel Association of Children and Youth”.

That’s why Ms. Stryzhneva decided that the association systematically and grossly violated the liquidation and its own statute and was to be liquidated.

Uladzimir Kowzelew, Head of the association, thinks that it is nonsense to liquidate the organization that cooperates with the local authorities on the branch of ecology and is even a member of the coordinative board at the Ministry of natural resources for violations in the accountancy.

“I think it’s easy to overcome all the found violations and hope to convince the Justice Board that we can correct them” – said Uladzimir Kowzelew in his interview to According to him, this situation won’t have any negative effect on the association activities and its nearest plans in private.

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