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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The mother of Yury Zakharanka, kidnapped ex-minister of Internal Affairs, addressed the Justice Minister, asking not to close down Viasna. Ullana Ryhorawna asked the Minister “to think how many more people they can help”.
She writes in her letter: “I, Ullana Ryhorawna, mother of General Yury Zakharanka, ex-minister of Internal Affairs, kidnapped in May 1999, am alone. Yury’s wife and children left for Germany.
I am so happy, when my son’s friends and colleagues visit me. I need their attention and support. I am very ill. I live on a very small pension, which is not enough to pay even for the medicine. I am very grateful to everybody helping me. People call me. This winter members of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" visited me, bringing medicine, food, and money along. I was so happy they did not forget about me, and about my son. In the newspaper I read you want to close this organization. I was very upset. Just think, how many more people they can help. I ask you not to do that”.

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