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Fourth Anniversary of Viktar Hanchar’s Disappearance

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of Viktar Hanchar his wife, Zinaida Hanchar, applied to every deputy of the Chamber of Representative with the question what every of them had done to find the truth about the politically natured kidnaps in Belarus.

In her letter she writes: “Zinaida Hanchar, wife of the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th Convocation, kidnapped on 16 September 1999. At the time of the kidnap he was the acting Head of the Supreme Soviet.

You have been a deputy of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus for almost three years. I am sure that You know that the investigation of the case about the disappearance of my husband has still given no results, the persons guilty are not found and remain unpunished. I ask you to answer what You have done within the limits of Your wide deputy powers to find the truth about the circumstances of the disappearance of Viktar Hanchar.

I know that the Special commission on the investigation of the circumstances of politically natured disappearances in the Republic of Belarus that was established by the PACE Committee on juridical issues and human rights, has officially applied to the deputies through V. Kanapliow with the request to maximally facilitate collection of information and organization of personal meetings of the Commission members with the duty officials of the law machinery who, according to the Commission, can have information about the circumstances of disappearance of my husband. What have You personally done to facilitate the work of this Commission and find the truth in the cases of politically natured kidnaps in the country?

I’d like to remind that, taking into account Your deputy position, You are more concerned with the things that happen in our country. The future of the country and its citizens depends on You and Your action or inaction..”

Zinaida Hanchar pointed out that this application was made within the limits of the Law “About applications of citizens”.

She also expressed her gratitude to the deputies who really raise this issue and take concrete steps for its solution: “I highly appreciate Your principled and consequent position on finding the truth about the politically natured disappearances in the Republic of Belarus despite of the pressure from the side of the authorities.

I thank You and hope for Your support in future. I am sure that together we will manage to find the truth, the persons who are guilty of having executed the kidnaps and bring them to independent trial. I also hope that our cooperative efforts are able to prevent the repetition of the violent crimes in our country.”

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