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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Students and teachers of the closed down National State Humanities Lyceum started the new year with the opening ceremony in front of the locked building. First classes took place outdoors. Known public figures, politicians, and intellectuals (more than 300 people) came to express their solidarity with the Lyceum students and teachers.
The students were dressed in T-shirts with the Lyceum symbols and slogan “I love Lyceum!”. They had flowers and school bells in their hands.
141 student took an oath to the Lyceum. They swore to fight for their rights, their honor and their Lyceum, as well as to always work for the Lyceum, Belarus and the Belarusian language. The speech of the lyceum director Uladzimer Kolas, finished the ceremony. Then the students were divided by classes, and sat on wooded benches in groups. Famous people in science and arts (Ales Marachkin, Valery Mazynski, Radzim Haretski, Piotra Sadowski, and Lavon Volski among them) delivered their lectures to the students outdoors.
Leaders of all political parties came to express their solidarity. Elder daughter of Mikola Statkevich graduated from the Lyceum. Vincuk Vichorka’s son Franak is a Lyceum senior student.
Uladzimer Kolas, Lyceum director, believes, the fate if this unique school depends on the students, their parents and teachers.
For a week the classes will be held outdoors. Then the children will study at their teachers’ homes.
According to RFE/RL

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