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Main Board of Belarusian Poles Warned by Justice Ministry

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Based on information of Radio “Liberty”

The warning was signed by the vice-minister of justice Piertash. The warning charged the Board with violations of the laws “On languages” and “On public associations”. For instance, “a number of the accountancy documents are composed in Polish”. The organization name on the blank and the seal are also in the Polish language. It was also pointed out that some unregistered bodies acted in the Union of Poles.

It is demanded from the Main Board to correct all these violations as the ministry has “enough reasons for its liquidation through court”. Here are the words of Juzef Pazhecki, vice-Head of the PA “Union of Poles in Belarus”:

“The documents which we submit to the State bodies, are in Belarusian or Russian. Our internal documentation is in Polish.” Mr. Pazhecki also pointed out that the Law on national minorities gave them such a right. What concerns the blank and the seal, they are in two languages, Polish and Belarusian.

The Poles are going to fight for their rights. They have already applied to the Embassy and the consulates of Poland. They can also complain against the warning to the Supreme Court of Belarus.

Siarhey Astrawtsow, Hrodna

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