New Turns in Lyceum History

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 5 August the building staging was delivered to the lyceum center. There also appeared the people who called themselves builders. They said they were going to start the lyceum renovation. Parents of the students, who were against the renovation, asked those builders to show the documents confirming the right to the renovation. The people, who said they were from the “Hara” building enterprise, couldn’t show any. The lyceum vice-director on the economy matters didn’t know anything about them either. According to unofficial sources, they hadn’t even the estimate of the building works. None of them have seen the renovation contract. On August 5 the lyceum defenders didn’t let them start the renovation.

In the morning of 6 August the assembly of the parents of the lyceum students took place. During it the builders tried to begin the lyceum renovation. The lyceum defenders stopped them. After this the builders went to the city Board of general secondary education who was the renovation initiator. They came back about 2 p.m. with the Head of the public security department at the city internal affairs board of Minsk City Executive Committee. He stated that the actions of the lyceum defenders were a small disorderly conduct and threatened to punish the present teachers, students, their parents and publicity representatives for violation of Article No. 156 of the Administrative Code. After the unsuccessful negotiations between workers of the internal affairs bodies and the lyceum defenders, about 20 policemen from special forces appeared. They pushed the people away from the place from where it was intended to start the renovation. The police ringed the territory. They let the people out but didn’t let in.

At about 4 p.m. a representative of the education committee of the Main board of the general secondary education at Minsk City Executive Committee appeared. He said that this conflict could be solved only within the limits of the ruling of the Soviet of Ministers, issued on 25 June 2003, where it was said that the lyceum was liquidated. He insisted on beginning of the renovation in the building in Kiraw Street, 21 and spreading of the students among other educational establishments. The lyceum defenders answered that the children wanted to learn at their lyceum.