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New Investigator Doesn’t Meet with Anatol Krasowski’s Wife

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 29 July Iryna Krasowskaya, wife of the missing businessman Anatol Krasowski, and her representative Hary Pahaniayla intended to pass a number of economic solicitations and documents concerning the case of Anatol Krasowski’s disappearance to the new investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office S. Kukharonak who has been leading the case since its renewal, but Kukharonak refused to meet with Krasowskaya in Pahaniayla’s presence.

Among the solicitations were demands, connected with check-up of different facts and information as well as the motion for admission of Pahaniayla to the case materials as I. Krasowskaya’s representative. A number of Xerox copied documents were attached, such as the copy about preventive detention of the special brigade commandant Pawlichenka, signed by the KGB Head U. Matskevich and sanctioned by vice-Prosecutor General Snehir.

The meeting was previously agreed, but Kukharonak refused to meet with Krasowskaya in the representative’s presence, and she refused to do it without him. After the 1,5-hour negotiations on telephone the prepared solicitations were left at the clock-board of Minsk City Prosecutor’ Office.

Iryna Krasowskaya said to Charter’97 press center:

“Hary Pahaniayla is my representative in court. Court officially admitted him as my representative. However, the city Prosecutor’s Office has been refusing to admit him as my representative on the stage of preliminary investigation of a long time already. The investigator Kukharonak didn’t even allowed him to come to his office room when I wanted to pass the motion and the official paper witnessing that Hary Pahaniayla was my official representative in court, investigative bodies, etc.

It is a question why they don’t want to admit Pahaniayla as representative? May be, he really represents our interests as victims’ and asks too many undesirable questions?

This incident is another proof that the case was renewed not for investigation, but for fooling the own people, world publicity and international bodies, hide the truth behind “investigation secrets” and hold control over the investigation. That’s why I have applied to Minsk City Prosecutor, asking him to take exception against the investigation, as on the very first stage he has already refused to execute the simplest thing I’ve asked about, acknowledge H. Pahaniayla as my representative. It’s no use speaking of other solicitations, such as the request to interrogate the high officials, often mentioned by mass media in connection with the kidnaps of Hanchar, Krasowski and Zavadski.

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