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UN Human Rights Commission Considers Yury Bandazhewski’s Complaint

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The UNO Commission on Human Rights started considering the complaint of professor Yury Bandazhewski, ex-provost of Homel State Medical Institute against the sentence of the Supreme Court of Belarus, according to which in 2001 he was found guilty and sentenced to 8 years of jail.

According to the consideration procedure, all questions of the complaint will be readdressed to Belarusian State bodies, court and Prosecutor’s office, and they will have to answer. According to “BDG” information, these bodies have already received the inquiries.

After this professor and his advocate will familiarize with the answers and make their commentaries. Then the commission sitting will study all the documents and answer whether Bandazhewski’s human and civil right were violated during the investigation and at the trial. In the case of confirmative answer the sentence to Bandazhewski is automatically considered illegitimate, as according to the Constitution accusation can’t be built on the evidence, received with violations. That’s why within a year (this is the term of the complaint consideration) we will found out whether Bandazhewski is or is not guilty.

Based on “BDG” information

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