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Director of Niasvizh Printing House Loses Chair

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 28 July it became known that Aliaksandr Ladziata, director of Symon Bydny Niasvizh printing house Aliaksandr Ladziata was fired. Last week this enterprise printed the number of Baranavchy newspaper “Mestnaya gazeta “Shag” with articles written by journalists from the “BDG” newspaper.

According to the press service of the PA “Belarusian Association of Journalists”, on 28 July Mr. Ladziata phoned to “Shag” chief editor, informed him about his sack and apologized for being unable to execute the agreement between the printing house and the newspaper’s editorial board.

The printing house in Niasvizh was the only of some ten enterprises to agree for the issue of “Mestnaya Gazeta “Shag”. According to Anatol Vaytsiakhowski’s information, the Presidential administration ordered printing houses to refuse from cooperation with this newspaper and the regional one entitled “Mestnoye Vremya”.

A. Vaytsiakhowski intends to complain to the regional economic court, as the agreement with Niasvizh printing house was for one year. He says that the order of 10 000 newspaper copies was a good chance for the printing house to improve its financial situation, as it worked at old equipment and had financial problems all the time.

We should remind: on 17 July “Mestnaya Gazeta “Shag” published articles by “BDG” journalists for the first time. On 18 July Anatol Lahutsik, Head of Slonim printing house, broke the agreement about the polygraphic services referring to technical reasons. According to Mr. Vaytsiakhowski, on the eve of this the State inspection paid a visit to the printing house. As a result Head of the marketing department was fired and the enterprise Head was taken to hospital with a heart attack.

On 25 July the newspaper number, also with articles by “BDG” journalists, appeared at news stands.

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