Czech Senate Creates Committee for Independent Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 24 July at the Senate of the Czech Republic the press-conference, devoted to establishment of the committee “For Free Belarus” by its members. The main tasks of the committee are to collect facts for informing of the EU bodies about human rights violations in Belarus, more operative reaction of Czech authorities to these violations through their diplomatic connections and support to Belarusian opposition. Among the committee founders are such well-known Czech politicians as Yan Ruml, Daniel Krovpa, Martin Meistrzik, Irzi Lishka and Edvard Outrata.

In their short introduction speeches the senators reminded that they have been attentively watching the situation in Belarus, as well as many other Europeans, and the day of 27 July 1991 is still the national holiday of Belarusian independence. The committee establishment was devoted to the 12th anniversary of this event.

The committee establishers have the direct knowledge of the situation in Belarus. For instance, Daniel Krovpa was an observer at an election in Belarus, who personally registered an attempt of falsifications, committed by the authorities. Yan Ruml, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs, is known for participation in oppositional demonstrations in Belarus and was an independent observer at political trials. The senator expressed his opinion about the law on political parties that is in the process of elaboration by saying that it would be another hard strike on Belarusian opposition by the Totalitarian State. He also made some fun by recollecting several demonstration slogans, such as “Let Belarus to Europe, Lukashenka – to …”

In his turn, Martin Meistrzik, compared the present repression in Belarus with the events in Czhech in 1989, when the Communistic police violently dispersed a group of students for signing the State anthem of Czech Republic.

Awhen Sidoryk, Head of Union of Belarusians in Emigration, thanked the senators and wished fruitful work to the committee.

Vaclav Gavel, though he wasn’t able to attend the sitting, being in the US, sent there a telegram of support.

This action was also welcomed by ordinary citizens. Doctor Yan Stranski, former Czech dissident, hanged a white-red-white flag out of his window in the center of Prague and invited all Belarusians to celebrate the Independence Day in his nightclub. He also expressed the hope that such measures will become traditional for Prague.

A. Haydamatski,