Deputy Group “Respublika” Speaks for Changing Electoral Code

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Based on information of “Radio Liberty”

Siarhey Skrabets and Valery Fralow, the members of the deputy group “Respublika”, established at the Chamber of Representatives, used their right of Parliamentarians and passed a collective appeal of 180 Belarusian citizens to the Constitutional Court.

These 180 people were observers at the spring election. They turn attention of the court to two articles of the Electoral Code: #34 – about extended participation of political parties and public associations in the election. And #13 – about true information of Belarusian citizens about the election results.

According to the acting legislation, the electoral commissions are formed by four subjects: political parties, public organizations, working collectives and citizens. The analysis of the commissions in Minsk, Brest and Mahilew showed that even in the biggest citizens the percent of representatives from parties was fewer than 0,1%, public organizations had 2%. About 98% were representatives of working collectives. What concerns observers, they were in fact deprived of the possibility to watch the electoral process, only the right to presence was preserved.

Though the Chamber of Representatives can directly introduce changes to the Electoral Code, Uladzimir Ramanowski, one of the signers, says it is difficult to deal without the Constitutional Court.

The legal term for the court answer in this case is 30 days.