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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 15 July Minskers could buy an issue of the Russian Novaya Gazeta weekly through the network of independent distributors. The front page of the weekly read “Special Issue for Belarus”. All materials, contained in the issue, were written by journalists of the banned BDG newspaper. The circulation of the special issue was 119 160 copies. BDG editor-in-chief Sviatlana Kalinkina hopes Novaya Gazeta will continue cooperation with BDG.
Among stories of the Belarusian issue of Novaya Gazeta there is a chronicle of unsuccessful attempts of BDG editorial board to appeal against the order of newspapers’ suspension; refusal of the official Minsk to invite Council of Europe Commission for Investigation of Disappearances of People in Belarus; prospects of creation a joint Belarus, Russia enterprise on the base of Beltransgas company. Two pages are dedicated to the memory if Vasil Bykau: unpublished Bykau’s interview to Siarhei Shapran, and recollections of Bykau’s best friend, poet Ryhor Baradulin.
Sviatlana Kalinkina is sure, nothing can provoke a reaction of the Belarusian Prosecutor’s Office. All data, given of the editorial board, are Russian, the front page shows no connection between Novaya Gazeta and BDG. (Recently the Prosecutor’s General Office issued two personal warnings to Sviatlana Kalinkina and general director of Marat company P. Martsaw “for illegal production… of a mass medium after the decision to suspend it”). In case Belarusian authorities are again unsatisfied by distribution of BDG materials on the Belarusian territory, Kalinkina recommends them to address their claims to the Russian Ministry of Press.