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NGOs of “Nasha Salidarnasts” Condemn Liquidation of National State Humanitarian Lyceum

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Heads of 14 large Belarusian public associations (Zhana Litvina (BAJ), Vital Vasilkow (“Kola Siabrow”), Ales Milinkevich (“Ratusha”), Ina Kuley (“Nasha Vezha”), Larysa Androsik (“Dyiaryiush”, Aleh Trusaw (Frantsysk Skaryna Belarusian Language Society), etc.) called liquidation of Yakub Kolas National State Lyceum continuation of struggle with civic society and building of authoritarian society with unlimited despotism of one persons.

The text of the statement was submitted to President of the Republic of Belarus, Prime-Minister,
Minister of Education, the UN Commissar on Human Rights, Committee on Children’s Rights, UNESCO, the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE and the OSCE Bureau of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

In the statement Heads of NGOs of Belarus express their categorical protest against the governmental ruling of 25 June and the order of the Education Ministry of 26 June to liquidate Yakub Kolas National State Humanitarian Lyceum. The signers point out that destruction of the unique Belarusian-language educational society where new techniques and European-level curriculums were successfully employed doesn’t correspond to the demands of the Law about languages of the Republic of Belarus, the Convention on Children’s Rights and the International Pact of Economical, Social and Cultural Rights.

It is said in the statement that the lyceum is the unique educational establishment where youth has the only possibility to be educated in Belarusian. Representatives of NGOs point at the high level of education at the lyceum, proved by accomplishments of the lyceum students and graduates.

Liquidation of the lyceum was called unprecedented in cynicism and impudence, making children victims of the officially declared struggle against opposition-mindedness in the run of ideological work. The government shamelessly violated the children’s right to education in native language. Heads of the NGOs believe this step is continuation of the campaign of closing down public associations, trade unions and independent mass media.

So, Heads of the NGOs called the government and President to set aside the liquidation order and international organizations – to use their means of influence on the Belarusian authorities to make them execute the civil right to education in Belarusian language.

The statement will be soon passed to the Ministry of Education. It has been already sent to foreign organizations by post.

Press release
of the public campaign
“Our Solidarity”

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