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Hrodna City Executive Committee Disallowed to Public Organizations Celebration of Grunewald Battle Anniversary

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In refusal, signed by Valiantsina Liavonava, it was said that the bridge between the New and the Old Castle, where the organizers planned to hold a part of the celebration, was in emergency condition and therefore it would be dangerous to hold there any mass measures.

The Head of Hrodna city board of the BPF “Adradzhenne” Aliaksandr Mikhalchyk, the Head of the Union of Poles in Belarus Tadevush Kuchkowski and the Head of Hrodna PA of Lithuanians in Belarus “Tevine” Algis Dziarginchus filed their application for holding of the celebration a month ago. They planned to start the celebration measures on 13 July, near Kalozha, and then proceed to the Vitawt monument on the castle hill.

“This refusal is purely formal”, -- expressed his indignation Yuzef Parzhetski, vice-Head of the Union of Poles in Belarus. “We could find a compromise and transfer the measure place. This battle is a really remarkable event, victory of several peoples!”

The celebration organizers intend to discuss their future actions. According to Mr. Parzhetski, the newspaper “Glos z-nad Niemna”, issued in the Polish language, will for sure devote an article to this situation.

The Grunewald battle is one of the most important events in our history. On 15 July 1410 the united forces of the Great Principality of Lituania and the Kingdom of Poland won a victory over the Teutonian order. This victory saved our peoples from annihilation and stopped German attacks. After this armed Germans didn’t come to Belarus for as long as 500 years.

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Alesia Sidliarevich

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