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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Intex-Press Publishing house encountered sudden problems with distribution of their newspaper. During 5 days (5-10 June) twelve kiosks, which had a contract with Intex-Press, refused to sell the newspaper.
Both state-owned and private kiosks cancelled their contracts. As a rule, they refuse to explain the reasons. According to unofficial information, the city executive committee threatened the private companies with re-registration problems in case they continue to sell the newspaper. In some cases the newspaper managed to solve the conflict, because the law says to cancel a contract signatories must warn the other party one month in advance.
The Intex-Press newspaper, published in Baranavichy, has a circulation of 15 500 copies. This is more than the circulation of the local state-owned newspaper. As the result of the unexpected conflict The Intex-Press failed to sell 500 copies. Each copy costs 400 rubles. Thus the newspaper lost 200 000 rubles. Uladzimir Yanukevich, CEO, estimates they can fail to sell up to 48% of the circulation in case kiosks refuse to take it for distribution. If the situation does not improve in the near future, U. Yanukevich will apply to court.

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