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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Dear Belarusian Public!

Let us inform you about the current situation development at the National State Humanities Lyceum of Yakub Kolas. On May 27 the Minister of education Bryhadzin signed an order on the appointment of Tamara Scherbachevich as the head mistress of the lyceum. We, students, along with our professors and parents, view this appointment as groundless.

The reasons for such our attitude to the Minister’s order is the following: first, Mrs.Scherbachevich doesn’t speak any Belarusian, as demanded by the lyceum’s statute, confirmed by the Ministry of education, and is therefore unskilled to take the office; secondly, the new appointee despite numerous requests has never shown up at the students’ or parents’ meetings, showing her disregard for us by so doing. At the meetings with the professors she disclosed her utter unawareness of the lyceum’s specifics and even threatened the teachers, most of who are considered to be high-level professionals in their area. The majority of them already stated that given Scherbachevich retains office, they would file in resignations. Therefore, the bright professional team, which was formed over the past 13 years, will be dismissed and we cannot let that happen. Both parents and teachers voted against the appointment of that person as directress.

Over the period of existence lyceum turned into a unique educational institution of both national and international renown. It became the center of Belarusian culture, educational center, which stably educates smart and well-brought young people. The appointment of a Russian-language Scherbachevich, whose competence can be called into question according to her previous jobs’ references, makes us think that the officials are set to embark on yet another attempt to annihilate the Belarusian lyceum.

The students link the future of the lyceum only with a person of U. Kolas, for whom they unanimously voted at the students’ assembly on May 29, 2003.

We ask every individual, who cares for the destiny of Belarus, to join the actions of solidarity with the Belarusian lyceum.

Annihilation of the Belarusian lyceum is eradication of the Belarusian-language education!

Let us defend the Belarusian lyceum altogether from the official lawlessness!

Students of the Yakub Kolas Lyceum

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