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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 23 May the Assembly of Democratic Non-Governmental Organizations opened its new web-site, which is a unique information and analytical resource for and about Belarusian third sector.
There is no information space around public associations, and it is one of the biggest problems of the Belarusian non-commercial sector. NGO activists, journalists, political analysts, and ordinary Belarusian citizens, interested in the activities of Belarusian NGOs, often have to deal with the problem. “The society lacks both analytics and news about the life of non-commercial sector of the country, says the site editor Siarhei Sakharaw, -- That’s why we age going not only to inform but also analyze the situation in the third sector. Our web-site is created for NGOs and about them”.
The web-site will consist of 2 parts. The first part will look like some kind of a newspaper and contain the most urgent news from NGOs all over the country. The web-site will also have space for leaders of the Belarusian NGOs. “On one hand, visitors, NGO activists and journalists will have an opportunity to learn about them, on the other hand, the leaders will get free space to analyze the events happening in the country and abroad, to comment on the latest news”, -- says Sakharaw.
The second part of the web-site will contain information and education resources, aimed to assist NGOs and public initiatives to make their work more effective.
“Our web-site is different from other similar resources for the reason, that we don’t care if the organization has official registration, or not”. Any organization is welcome to visit and use our web-site. The site contains data-bases (on trainers, the Belarusian Media, the donors, etc.) available to any organization. A lot of space is devoted to legal advise”.

NGOs and unregistered initiatives might be interested in other services, provided by the web-site of the Assembly of Democratic Non-Governmental Organizations. Any organization can apply for free-of-charge creation of their own web-site. “You just need to provide information about your organization!”
Organizations can also use the web-site to look for partners, both Belarusian and foreign ones.
“Our web-site must become another step on the way to improve the informational space of the Belarusian third sector”, -- says Siarhei Sakharaw.
It’s worth mentioning that visitors of can also find information about the civic initiative “Our Solidarity”, organized by the Belarusian NGOs in support of their colleague, which face liquidation.

For more information please contact:
Alona Andreyeva
Press secretary
Executive Bureau of the Working Group
Of the Assembly of the Democratic NGOs

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