HOMEL YOUTH ORGANIZATION DENIED REGISTRATION Homel youth association “Circle of initiative youths” was denied registration on the ground that “the organization’s members aren’t going to abide by the law”.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On May 19 there was a hearing at which the members of not registered organization argued against the decision of the Department of justice on the refusal to register the “Circle of initiative youths”. The chief specialist of the Homel regional Department of justice Tamara Stryzhneva decided that the documents, submitted for registration, don’t comply with the existing legislation. Besides that, Stryzheva underlined that the founders of the new organization were members of the Youth Center “Hart”, which, to her opinion, was the sign that the new organization was not going to observe the law.

The association’s chairperson Yunela Salnikova plans to address prosecutor’s office with a private plea, claiming that by her public statement Tamara Stryzhneva violates article 22 of the Constitution (which guarantees equality of all individuals before the law), as well as article 36 (right to freedom of associations).