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2nd Channel Ceased Existing

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

(based on information of "Week with Mahiliow Region", information review, No. 15 (82))

On 25 April the non-State TV Channel had its last ether. That's how the State persecution of the Channel ended.

The financial check-up of the channel that coincided with pretensions of the KGB to elucidation of the strike at Mahiliow Metallurgical Plant by the Channel. The check-up found that the channel had no sanitation certificates for its equipment, and paid no interest to the statements that the equipment was bought abroad and imported in the country without any law violations. Economic Court ruled to confiscate the 28 equipment units the channel owned. Heads of Mahiliow City and Mahiliow Regional Executive Committees stood for the Channel, so the confiscation was delayed, but then, A. Astapaw, Channel Director, received the order from Minsk to take the equipment to the State Control Committee in Minsk. "2nd Channel" is more than 7 years old. The most attracting in its production was the "City News", broadcast thrice a week in Belarusian. The channel journalists paid much attention to the city communal services and its social life.

Henadz Sudnik

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