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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The authorities announced 19 April a national subbotnik day, when every Belarusian citizen can work voluntary to the good of their country. The money, transferred to subbotnik account, will be used to build the National Library of Belarus.
Unfortunately, forced labor becomes an everyday occurrence in Belarus. Students are the most often victims of such compulsion.
On 19 April members of Hrodna branch of Belarusian Students Association will conduct an action against forced work of students. BSA members, students of Hrodna Yanka Kupala University will address their colleagues and the university administration, which forces the students to join the national subbotnik with the slogan “Only Free-Will Work is Possible”.
On 16 and 17 April the administration announced the order of rector Maskevich, who orders the deans of university faculties to organize cleaning of the university campus. In reality it looks like this: in the period before 20 April students have to work to the good of the university in their free time. If students do not agree to do the forced work, they will have certain problems with exams, dormitory placement, and will face other pressure from the administration.
April is a very busy time for students. A number of universities have already started exams. Many students, besides studies, are on internship. Many students just cannot find time to clean the campus on the rector’s order.
For detailed information about the events around subbotnik in Hrodna University please contact Ryhor Budzko, chair of Hrodna branch of BSA

+375 29 7802017

Hanna Krasnova
BSA Press Service
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