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Might Is Right, Liabedzka – Wrong

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 March the College Board of Minsk City Court didn’t satisfy the cassation complaint of Anatol Liabedzka, leader of the United Civic Party, against the decision of Minsk Tsentralny Borough Court justifying the KGB actions against the plaintiff.

On Thursday the College Board of Minsk City Court, consisting of Judges Luhina, Hlukhowskaya and Salawiova justified the KGB actions against Anatol Liabedzka. The thing is, on 6 November 2001 unknown persons in camouflage uniform seized Anatol Liabedzka and took him to the main KGB building. They neither showed their documents nor called their names. In one of the rooms the empowered KGB office Chupakhin read the official warning to Anatol Liabedzka, issued by the KGB, where the latter was “warned against violation of Article No. 356 of the Criminal Code (State treachery)”.

As a result, Liabedzka applied However, the court of the first instance with Judge Yesman at the Head found the warning to be legal. In fact, the judge didn’t even familiarize with the case materials, saying that they “were found to be secret by the KGB officers Kaltanovich, Stulaw and Vasiliew and can’t be read in public”. Nevertheless, in three days after the decision was adopted, Anatol Liabedzka receved the KGB note informing him that he could familiarize with the whole case. Anatol Liabedzka filed a cassation complaint to Minsk City Court. However, the three judges didn’t listen to the plaintiff, who asked them at least to familiarize with the warning, accusing him of receiving of $1500 monthly from foreign investors, meetings with potential spy from a foreign Embassy, contacts with the OSCE mission in Belarus. Now Liabedzka hopes to receive an autograph from Valiantsin Sukala, Chairperson of the Supreme Court, at consideration of another cassation complaint.

According to information of Radio Racyja

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