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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

About Preliminary Results of the Electoral Campaign Into Local Deputy Soviets

The electoral campaign to the local administration bodies demonstrated serious changes in the mass conscience. The majority of the electors are dissatisfied with the official policies. People need changes and are eager to vote for democratic candidates. The electoral campaign has also shown that the representative of the authorities can't and don't want to work with the electorate. Their participation in the electoral campaign was as a rule limited to throwing electoral fly-sheets to people's postboxes by mailmen. Sometimes these candidates held meetings with their electors, usually, at school assemblies of parents.

As a result еру UCP candidates, who actively worker with electors, had a considerable overweight. In some cases their rating surpassed their rivals' for several times. Such situation didn't satisfy the vertical, and it made everything possible not to let victory of democrats.

Some candidates, who, according to polls, enjoyed support of 60% and more electors, were deprived of registration for wire-drawn reasons. That's how the electoral race ended for Siarhei Alfer, Yawhen Labanovich, Sviatlana Karaliova, etc. The election results were cynically falsified in many circuits where democratic candidates balloted. Almost everywhere observers noted that the ballots from the ballot boxes of early elections looked alike, as twins. In the places where even this was not enough, the piles of bulletins were simply exchanged during calculation.

The authorities demonstrated they don't want to, can't and are not going to free and fair elections. If they are not afraid of democrats, why make falsifications and deprive of registration undesirable candidates? In fact, the aim of the falsifications was not only to elect the "official" candidates. The vertical used every means for showing that this power has no more public support. No falsifications can provide confidence to the administration that forgets about the people's interest and doesn't respect it.

According to the information available for 3 p.m. on March 3, 5 UCP members were elected in Vileika, Buda-Kashaliova, Pruzhany and Mstsislawl. These are the small towns where the authorities face with concurrence for the first time and weren't ready to large-scale falsifications. 15 more people will take part in the second vote. However, the most important thing the UCP gained during the electoral campaign, was wide public support to its candidates.

The main thing we've found during the electoral campaign is that the present authorities rule not with the people's support, but with the means of fear and cheating. They have no future. Sooner or later, Belarus will return to the democratic way of development. People need changes, and no one can stop this process.

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