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Violations during Agitation in Berastse

2003 2003-02-28T10:00:00+0200 1970-01-01T03:00:00+0300 en The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Uladzimir Vialichkin, Head of Berastse regional branch of Human Rights Center “Viasna”, informed us that the school administrations of Berastse submitted to Berastse City Electoral Committee the plans of parents’ assemblies where the “official” candidates to deputy positions were invited. The “inconvenient” candidates appeared at these assemblies-meetings only occasionally. To some of them certain obstacles were put. For instance, H. Frydchyk, director of Berastse gymnasium No. 2 prohibited to Vasil Barbolin to hold meetings with the electorate, ignoring the decision of Berastse City Electoral Committee of 29 February 2003 No. 93 that defined the gymnasium as the place for the meetings. The explanation of her behavior was found after familiarization with a fly-sheet of another candidate of the same circuit, L. Zhylich, Head of Berastse Maskowski Borrough of People’s Education. The fly-sheet was signed: “The candidate’s attorneys. Pedagogical collective of gymnasium No. 2, that has nominated the candidate”.

On 13 February a group of candidates to deputy positions of Berastse City and Berastse Region Deputy Soviets applied to Berastse City Executive Committee for the permission to hold a meeting with the electorate on 1 March 2003. According to the first part of Article No. 7 of the Law “About assemblies, meetings, street processions, demonstrations and pickets” Head of the city executive committee should have informed the organizers about the decision taken at least five days before the day of the meeting.

It means that on 24 February the organizer was to have been informed about the decision. However, on 24 February no one could tell anything, as the committee “was busy meeting German delegation”. The permission was issued at 14.35 on 25 February and signed by the Committee Head M. Hardzievich. The document contained the date 24 February 2003.

As a result, the candidates lost two days for preparation of the five, their press conference was disrupted, appeared certain difficulties for invitations of electors and guests to the meeting.

26 February 2003

For additional information apply to Berastse regional branch of Public Association “Human Rights Center “Viasna”: telephone No. (8-0162) 20-13-95 Uladzimir Vialichkin

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