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Miensk Central Borough Court Didn’t Satisfy Anatol Liabiedzka’s Suit against Belarusian KGB (based on information of radio “Liberty”)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

To mind of the judge Uladzimir Iesman the reprimand, issued to Liabiedzka by KGB concerning his allegedly dangerous activity that could lead to “State treachery” was legal and reasonable.

The court took the opinion that Anatol Liabiedzka was legally detained by KGB workers on November 5, 2002 near the USA Embassy building in Miensk. The judge also considered as reasonable the text of the reprimand to Liabiedzka that pointed at contacts of the UCP leader with foreign diplomats suspected of espionage and receiving of large sums of money from foreign organizations.

The KGB representative who attended the trial couldn’t draw any fact of illegal activity of Anatol Liabiedzka. The court didn’t consider the text of the reprimand, it only supported the right of KGB to issue such reprimands.

The judge finished the case consideration in 2,5 hours. The KGB representative was satisfied with the court verdict:

“I am satisfied, because in my arguments I drew the fact that Article No. 353 of the Civic code provides reasons for complaint in the cases when human rights are violated. May be it is a formal reason, but the court supported it”.

Anatol Liabiedzka commented the trial in another way: “The essence of my suit wasn’t considered at all. There were presented no evidence of the accusations, put by KGB. It is not a trial, but an inquisition of the Belarusian legislation. I think that the judge Iesman has no moral right to be called a judge and consider cases of Belarusian citizens. I hope that there will come the time when our courts will be guided by the law, not political expediency”.

He also said that he is going to complain to a court of higher instance against the court verdict.

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