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Preventive Strike of Businessmen in Horadnia

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On January 20 about 300 businessmen came to the building of Horadnia regional executive committee in order to pass their demands to the authorities. According to Radio “Racyja”

A businesswoman: “We gathered here to express our dissatisfaction with the policy of the authorities towards business. This week they make check-ups all over the city, checking even the documents we can’t get anywhere. No Chinese, Turkish or Russian will give you a purchase act, and they demand from us these documents.”

Businessmen also have some other demands. For instance, not to introduce cash registers. The strike was caused by check-ups of the control services, as a result of which some shop owners at “Paudniovy” market were fined 4-5 million rubles.

They were also indignant with the case of Vitsiebsk businessmen who were trafficking goods, purchased in Horadnia and were detained by the police in Ivye, because the policemen didn’t like the goods documentation.

The well-known activist of the business movement Valiery Lievanieuski visited the executive committee. He told the businessmen that the authorities promised to stop the check-ups. Chairman of Horadnia city executive committee went out to the strikers, said that the check-ups are stopped and the businessmen can continue working. They thanked him and immediately dispersed. The action lasted for one hour.

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