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Police Beat ZUBR Activist for Handing out Newspaper

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On December 9 in Homiel the police beat activists of ZUBR movement Dzianis Chykaliou. The reason was that he distributed the New year edition of “ZUBR” newspaper. A police car braked near Dzianis, two policemen ran out of it, twisted his arms, threw into the car and took to police point No. 5. There they detained him for about 2 hours. Unknown people in plain clothes wanted to talk to him there. He refused to answer their questions, then they hit his arms with a truncheon several times. They also hit him with fists and kicked with their feet, but he refused to talk with them anyhow and didn’t sign any papers. They released him in about two hours and a half but confiscated several hundred newspapers and several stickers.

“I am not going to ignore such outrageous police law violations. Of course, I don’t hope for immediate punishment of these people, but it will let me find out their names which they wanted to hide. It means that they will be punished, sooner or later”, -- Dzianis said.

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