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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 10 December Navapolatsak Viasna activists carried out an action, dedicated to the day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The action was held between 6.30 and 8 p.m.
Six volunteers congratulated the town residents with the Human Rights Day and distributed Viasna bulletins “The Rights to Freedom”. They spread 300 copies of the bulletin. Apart from this, local TV station “Vektar” congratulated Navapolatsak residents with the Human Rights Day on behalf of the local Viasna office.
At the same time, Viasna activists continue to collect signatures under the petition to the town authorities, demanding to raise the central heating temperature to at least 18 degrees above zero. On 10 December Viasna activist Zmitser Salawyow handed the collected signatures to the town executive commission. The matter is that in many apartment blocks, the central heating temperature never rises above 13 degrees. The communal services refuse to do anything, referring to VitebskEnergo company. VitebskEnergo, in its turn, explains the situation by the order of the top officials to save fuel resources. Approximately 50 per cent of Navapolatsak residents live in uncomfortable temperature conditions, although they have to pay the same as the rest. Collection of signatures campaign enjoys strong support among the people. Navapolatsak residents willingly sign the petition to the executive committee. Local newspaper “Khimik” published an advertisement about the campaign and the phone number, on which people can contact Viasna activists. Practically during the first few hours about a dozen of people from different parts of the town called and informed the activists, that the temperature in their houses was a lot lower than the “normal” 18 degrees. Activists of other non-governmental organizations got engaged in the campaign. We hope that the number of signature collectors will increase significantly and our joint efforts will help to improve the central heating situation in Navapolatsak.
Zmitser Salawyow.

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