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New Case about Admittance of Viktar Hanchar Missing

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Miensk Savietski borough court started consideration of the solicitation, submitted by Zinaida Hanchar, wife of the missing vice-speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th Convocation Viktar Hanchar. He informed the court about the plans he had before his disappearance. On September 19, 1999 here was to have taken place a sitting of the Supreme Soviet and he intended to appear there with a speech, as at that time he was the acting Chairman of the Supreme Soviet. He planned to give a negative evaluation of the situation in the country and put to question the legitimacy of the National Assembly. Diplomats, State officials and the deputies of the Chamber of Representatives who were dissatisfied with the changes in the Constitution introduced by Lukashenka, were invited to this sitting. Naturally, the authorities were very frightened, as it was an absolutely legal decision after which Lukashenka could have a great trouble. During the case consideration Zinaida’s representative Harry Pahaniaila intends to make the prosecutor’s office report about the process of the disappearance investigation.

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