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Boris Nemtsov Sends Letter to Valiery Fralou Concerning Investigation of Strange Disappearances

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Head of the Russian Parliamentary Fraction “Union of Right Forces” Boris Nemtsov has sent a letter to Head of the deputy group “Republic” of the Chamber of Representatives of Belarusian National Assembly Valiery Fralou. In this letter he stated that “Union of Rights Forces” is concerned with the inactivity of the Belarusian authorities in investigation of disappearances of well-known Belarusian politicians, the formal nature of the investigation refusal from the support, offered by many foreign countries including Russia, Lukashenka’s ignorance towards the appeals of G. Shroeder, Z. Shirak and other Heads of Europeans States with the request to personally control the investigation. Nemtsov also stated that both Belarusian and Russian publicity are interested in honest and objective investigation of those cases and the strange death of Hienadz Karpienka. That’s why he offered Fralou to initiate creation of the Parliamentary commission on investigation of the mentioned cases.

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