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FIDH Gets Anxious with Bandazheuski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The international human rights organization FIDH has expressed its anxiety with the conditions of imprisonment and the state of health of the imprisoned professor Iury Bandazheuski in its letter to PA HRC “Viasna”.

The ex-provost of Homiel Medical Institute, professor Iury Bandazheuski is kept in the penal colony UZH15/1 on Kalvaryiskaia Street in Miensk. He lives in a barrack, together with other prisoners (more than 100). The professor is in hard psychological and physical state because of the unbearable conditions there.

The colony administration allowed Bandazheuski to work in the library. There he can use a table and a chair. He continues his scientific work. However, according to Article No. 73 of the Criminal-executive code of the Republic of Bielarus, “the list and number of the things a prisoner can have in his cell, are defined by the rules of the internal regime of penal institutions. Prisoners are not allowed to keep money, valuables, other things, not mentioned in the lists. Their letters are subject to censorship, all parcels and banderoles are searched. Prisoners and the places where they are kept can be searched as well.”

According to Article No. 83 “Prisoners are provided with short-term meetings (up to 4 hours) and long-term meetings (up to three days) in the specially equipped building on the territory of the penal institution”.

In spite of all difficulties, almost every day Bandazheuski receives letters from different countries of the world, from scientists, representatives of human rights organizations and ordinary people.

Information Department of PA HRC “Viasna”

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