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"It is impossible to transfer the medicines to him." What is known about Ales Bialiatski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In a week and a half — on July 14 — it will be the third anniversary of the detention of the founder and chairman of Viasna Human Rights Center Ales Bialiatski. During this time, he was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in Belarus for his human rights activities, and his contribution to the protection of human rights was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Since May last year, Ales Bialiatski has been serving his sentence in Horki colony No. 9, where he faces pressure. Radio Svaboda learned details about the conditions of detention of the human rights defender. 

Алесь Бяляцкі, 3 сакавіка 2023 года
Ales Bialiatski on trial, March 3, 2023

According to the source of Svaboda, in April-May, Ales Bialiatski was returned from a punishment cell (PKT) of the Horki colony back to the detachment, but the administration of the colony still treats the political prisoner with excessive vigilance. He had been held in PKT since the beginning of November 2023.

"We know that he does woodworking again. It happens that penalties are imposed on him. He was deprived of care packages, and there are more serious punishments: once he was in a solitary confinement cell (SHIZO). The attention to him after returning from PKT has not become weaker," the source said.

According to the source of Radio Svaboda, Ales Bialiatski does not receive correspondence from relatives and friends. In addition, the political prisoner has not had any video calls with relatives. Only occasionally, letters and postcards are received from him by his addressees. There is no new information about the health of Ales Bialiatski.

"It is known that as a result of the former imprisonment in the Babrujsk colony, health problems have arisen and still persist. We do not know how he solves them. But we don't know of him getting into the hospital. It is known for sure that it is impossible to transfer medicines to him, so we can only hope for what he can get from the colony healthcare system," the source said.

It is known that the political prisoner has a normal steady mood, that he is restrained in his statements and gives realistic assessments, says the source who contacted people knowledgeable in the affairs of the political prisoner.

Meanwhile, on July 2, an exhibition dedicated to two political prisoners, prominent human rights defenders, prisoners of conscience and Nobel Peace Prize laureates Ales Bialiatski and Oleg Orlov will open. It was organized by Malanka-Media, Viasna Human Rights Center, Russia-Libertés, Espace Libertés/Reforum Space Paris with the support of the European Commission.

"I'm not afraid. Let them be afraid!"

On July 2, there will be the opening of an exhibition about the intertwined fates of two outstanding human rights defenders, prisoners of conscience and Nobel Peace Prize laureates Ales Bialiatski and Oleg Orlov.

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