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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 30 August Leninski borough court of Hrodna cancelled fines to three journalists (100 thousand roubles each), which they had received for illegal entrance to border zone.
In the night of August 1 frontier guards detained Hrodna reporters Iryna Charniawka, Andrzej Pisalnik and Andrei Pachobut, when they tried to get to village Pahranichny, Berastavitsa district. In the village the workers of Hrodnaprambud state company were destroying the first temple of Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. "We had journalist warrants on us, and knew that the warrants allowed us to enter the border zone" – said Andrei Pachobut, Glos znad Niemna reporter.
"Major Zmitser Bury, who was in charge of frontier guards, personally checked our documents, and everything was alright", -- says Andrzej Pisalnik.
However, the police officers detained the journalists, took them to Berastavitsa police station and reported that they had violated the regulations of entering the border zone.
"The policemen consciously violated the law. The people, who ordered to destroy the church, wanted to do everything secretly, without journalists", -- thinks Iryna Charniawka, Belaruski Chas reporter.
The journalists were kept in the police station till 6 a.m. Then lieutenant colonel Ambrazhevich ruled to fine each journalist 100 thousand roubles.
However, Leninski borough court of Hrodna had the last word. The lieutenant colonel's ruling was cancelled. Even representative of Berastavitsa police major Vashchyla supported the court decision.
Andrzej Pisalnik informed, the reporters were going to appeal to prosecutor's office. They want the prosecutor's office to assess the actions of Berastavitsa police head

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