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The case of TOR BAND musicians will be considered on September 14 in closed session

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The political prisoners and musicians of a famous Belarusian collective Tor Band Yauhen Burlo, Dzmitryi Halavach, and Andrei Yaremchyk were detained on October 28, 2022. At first, they were sentenced to 15 days of arrest several times in a row for participating in the filming of music videos, and then transferred to a pre-trial detention center. During the musicians' stay in prison, the band was recognized as an "extremist formation"; now they will be tried for this, as well as under a number of other articles of the Criminal Code.

It became known that the Gomel Regional Court will begin to consider the case of political prisoners in closed session on September 14. The trial will be conducted by judge Siarhei Salouski.

Depending on the role of each, they are charged with four criminal articles:

  • Part 3 of Article 130 of the Criminal Code (inciting other social hatered);

  • Part 1 and Part 3 of Article 361-1 of the Criminal Code (creation of an extremist formation or participation in it);

  • Article 369-1 of the Criminal Code (discrediting the Republic of Belarus);

  • Article 368 of the Criminal Code (insulting Lukashenka).

Recall that the musicians, along with their wives, were detained in Rahachou on October 28. Later, the musicians Yauhen, Dzmitryi, and Andrei were tried several times in a row on administrative cases, and later transferred to the Gomel pre-trial detention center as part of a criminal case.

Human rights activists know that one of the reports under Article 19.11 of the Administrative Code on Halavach was drawn up because he wrote an "extremist" song "Native Land" and posted it on the Internet.

At the trial, Dzmitryi pleaded not guilty and refused to give explanations.

The judge noted that "Halavach was an active member of the band and was certainly aware of the inclusion of the song in the "list of extremist materials"." It should be noted that at the time of the trial, Dzmitryi had already been behind bars for a month, and information about the recognition of social media pages and songs of the Tor Band in the republican list appeared only in early November with a note that they were allegedly recognized on August 29. The result of the trial was 15 days of arrest.

Presumably, this was not the first trial for "writing a song", since Halavach's guitar had already been seized by a court decision dated November 14 under Article 19.11 of the Administrative Code.

At the same time, on January 16, the Tor Band was recognized as an "extremist formation".

It is known that Yauhen Burlo had a relapse of cancer in custody, which the man suffered from even before his detention. He was sent to the medical unit of the pre-trial detention center.

Support the musicians with money transfers, parcels, telegrams, letters, and postcards:

SIZO-3. 246003, Gomiel, vul. Knizhnaja 1a

Yauhen Valeryevich Burlo

Dzmitryi Valeryevich Halavach

Andrei Kanstantsinavich Yaremchyk

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