Political prisoner Siarhei Hun went on a dry hunger strike

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Siarhei Hun

Siarhei Hun

Political prisoner Siarhei Hun went on a dry hunger strike in protest of his imprisonment.

For the time being Siarhei is kept in the temporary detention center of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Siarhei Hun was arrested on June 3 under Article 342 of the Criminal Code (participation in group actions that grossly violate public order).

Siarhei had been previously arrested several times for administrative offenses. In October 2020, he was severely beaten. On October 12, Sergei was driving when he noticed police officers at a bus stop. He started filming them. His car was soon stopped, the window was smashed, and the man himself was dragged out of the car and severely beaten. The man lost consciousness and woke up only in the police department, from where he was hospitalized with bruises and suspected fractures.


Siarhei Hun was born in Homieĺ. He graduated from the College of Music, did a lot of sports, and was even going to enter the School of Physical Culture, but the desire to study music took over and Siarhei became a student at the University of Culture.

He then started VYPUSKNIK.BY project and the event agency KRONA. But after 2020, he drastically changed his life: he moved to the countryside, where he began to breed chickens on a scientific basis.

Investigative actions are currently underway in respect of Siarhei Hun. It is not yet known when the political prisoner’s case will be sent to court.