“Viasna” wins Pro Dignitate Humana Award of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Poland Photo

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On December 10, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau congratulated “Viasna” human rights defenders on receiving the Pro Dignitate Humana Award. He stressed that Poland supports the Belarusian society in the struggle for freedom and democracy, and thanked “Viasna” members who have been informing international community about the harsh repressions and persecution of people in Belarus. Minister Rau also noted that the award is an expression of gratitude to the victims of the August 2020 events in Belarus and their families.

Zbignew Rau. Photo by Tymon Markowski, MSZ

In their turn, “Viasna” human rights defenders stated that they would continue their activities, despite the repressions and criminal prosecution of their colleagues.

“We will fight for the release of our colleagues, as well as all political prisoners in Belarus. We will do our best to ensure that human rights and human dignity become the main value and goal of the Belarusian state and Belarusian society.”

Правозащитники "Весны" во время вручения премии. Фото: "Viasna" human rights defenders during hte award ceremony. Photo by Tymon Markowski, MSZ

The Pro Dignitate Humana Award has been awarded since 2011 to individuals or non-governmental organizations for their selfless and uncompromising efforts to defend the rights of those who are persecuted or repressed. The award reflects an unwavering commitment to protecting individual rights and human dignity. “Viasna” chairman Ales Bialiatski who is currently in prison awaiting his trial in a criminal case became the first winner of the award in 2011.