Political prisoner Aliaksandra Patrasayeva sentenced to three years of “home imprisonment”, released in the courtroom

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Aliaksandra Patrasayeva after the trial on April 7, 2021

Aliaksandra Patrasayeva after the trial on April 7, 2021

Judge Volha Malashenka of the Maskoŭski District Court of Minsk has sentenced political prisoner Aliaksandra Patrasayeva to three years of restricted freedom known as “home imprisonment”. The convict was released in the courtroom.

Patrasayeva was accused of taking part in riots near the Riga shopping center on the night of August 10, 2020. Together with a group of people, she allegedly blocked traffic, set up barricades, destroyed paving slabs, used firecrackers, torches and other items.

The girl pleaded not guilty, saying that she was at the scene to provide medical care. She said she didn't see any police officers on the spot, nor did she hear any demands to stop the illegal event. Patrasayeva saw that there were about 50 people erecting barricades, but claims there were no arsons, destruction of property or people throwing objects.

Aliaksandra was detained the same night. She was held in the notorious detention center in Akrestsin Street for three days, where she was tortured, beaten, insulted and threatened with rape.

The human rights community of Belarus called Aliaksandra Patrasayeva a political prisoner.

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