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#100DaysOfViolence – Belarusians in need of solidarity

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Monday, 16 November, marks 100 days since rigged presidential elections have sparked widespread protests all over Belarus. The regime of Dictator Alexander Lukashenko reacted with violence. But the demonstrations against him and in support for democratization did not stop – just as the brutal repressions.

Since 100 days, violence against peaceful protesters, imprisonment and torture has continued to be a daily occurrence in the EU neighbouring country. By spreading the hashtag #100DaysOfViolence, we aim to remind people in Europe and beyond of the multifaceted protests and strikes that have been still going on and the massive repression, Belarusian civil society faces. The people of Belarus need our continued solidarity and support!

Please support our cause by posting, reposting, tweeting, and re-tweeting statements of solidarity for Belarus, using the hashtag #100DaysOfViolence on Monday, 16 November. 


On 9 August, Alexander Lukashenko stood in the fifth presidential election of his 26 year reign over Belarus. The official results declared him the absolute winner. However, independent observers and polls refuted his claim to victory. People took to the streets en masse to demand that their vote for a democratic Belarus would be acknowledged. Despite countless protesters and bystanders being beaten up, jailed or forced into exile, people have continued to participate in demonstrations, strikes and other forms of protests for 100 days straight.

Until today, over 25,000 people were arrested and over 120 are currently imprisoned on political motives. Arrestees have often been subjected to brutal detentions and outright torture. Hundreds have suffered grave injuries and in some instances even died in prison or during the crackdown on demonstrations. 

100 days of violence have done immense damage to the people of Belarus. We are currently watching Lukashenko traumatising a whole society in his bid to hold on to power. The healing process, both on individual and community level, will take time and will need active support from organisations and governments outside the country.

Libereco’s solidarity campaign #WeStandBYyou 

Under the umbrella of our #WeStandBYyou solidarity campaign, already over 60 parliamentarians from across Europe have accepted a symbolic godparenthood for Belarusian political prisoners – showing them that Europe is watching Belarus and it is not forgotten.

By sharing images, messages of support, and information using the hashtags #WeStandBYyou and #100DaysOfViolence, you contribute to bring Belarus back into the political and public imagination and concern. Continued public support from democratic countries, non-recognition of Lukashenko, and scrutiny of Belarus’s human rights record will be needed to make sure democratization and human rights have a chance to prevail in Belarus.

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