OSCE: Belarusian dump trucks take Donbass coal away

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The Observing mission of the OSCE, located at "Gukovo" and "Donetsk" Russian border crossings in Rostov region, informs that the coal export from the Donbass to Russia continues. Weekly report for the period from 1 to 7 July says, Correspondent writes.

"During the reporting week, the Observing mission continues to monitor dump trucks that transport coal from Luhansk region to the Russian Federation through "Gukovo" border crossing point, the report says.

The OSCE observers also note a large number of dump trucks with Russian and Belarusian register numbers, crossing the border as well.

However, it is said that over the past week the number of trucks from Belarus decreased from 48 to 38 as compared to the previous week.

The mission also observes gasoline tank trucks crossing the border in both directions. During the past week their number decreased from 37 to 26. Most of them had inscriptions "Propane" and "Inflammable".

Earlier, the Observing mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe mentioned coal export across the “Gukovo” border crossing point. The weekly report of the Department launched on June 10 says.

For the full version of the report, see http://www.osce.org/om/170606