Supervision over Eduard Lobau intensified

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Eduard Lobau. Photos by Siarhei Hudzilin, “Nasha Niva”.

Eduard Lobau. Photos by Siarhei Hudzilin, “Nasha Niva”.

The former political prisoner Eduard Lobau is to return home before 8 p.m., and check in at the police department of Maskouski district every Thursday.

Earlier he was to visit the police department once in two weeks, and was to return home before 10 p.m., Nasha Niva writes.

“As far as I understood, the reason is a violation: once policemen visited me to check whether I was at home after 10 p.m., and I was late,” Lobau thinks. “It is not related to my detention on Freedom Day, my documents were checked then and I was released.”

We remind that the activist of the Young Front together with the chairman of the organisation, Dzmitry Dashkevich, was detained in Minsk on December 18, 2010. The arrest was a preventive measure of special services and police in the run-up to the presidential election, held on the next day. On March 24, 2011 the court of Maskouski district of Minsk sentenced Eduard Lobau to 4 years of deprivation of freedom in a high security prison on charges relating Article 339 Part 3 of the Criminal Code for “especially malicious hooliganism”. On December 18 the activist was released.