Babruisk: independent journalist is threatened with trial

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Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava

Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava

September 1, Babruisk journalist Maryna Malchanava was summoned to the police as person against whom administrative proceedings have been investigated for violation of legislation on media.

The journalist reported that lieutenant colonel Siarhei Rudzko questioned her about cooperation with the TV channel "BelSat".


“I spent 1,5 hours at Siarhei Rudzko's office, but refused to answer his questions, citing Article 27 of the Constitution”, said Maryna Malchanava. “The policeman also showed me a printout of the conversation with the heroine of one of my absolutely harmless media reports. It means that they
have dragged this girl in it all, and she has to suffer for no reasons ...”

The journalist got another writ, for September 4 – this time the police will draw up a report of administrative offence.

“Lieutenant colonel Rudzko plainly told me he would bring the case to court. He even sarcastically interested in how much I was paid in order to pick a “suitable” sum for the fine,” said Maryna Malchanava.

Bear in mind that this is not the first attempt of Siarhei Rudzko to exercise pressure on the independent journalist. In June, he called her to talk without minutes. And even earlier, in April, he tried to bring the journalist to justice for an article about an anti-war picket.