Members of Brest City Council are required to inform about time and place of meetings with electors

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activists of the civil initiative "Social Office" have filed a repeated appeal to five members of the Brest City Council and the head of this representative body, Mikalai Krasouski.

In their appeal the activists point at the incorrectness of the previous answer to their letter, which they consider to be a formalist explanation of the laws of the Republic of Belarus by the officials. Representatives of "Social Office" insist that Brest MPs need to adopt the practices of their colleagues from Hrodna and publish information about when and where they meet with electors. It is also necessary to clarify the boundaries of the electoral constituencies so that the voters would know which member of the council they can address with their problems.

As pointed by the civil initiative's activist Yury Zhydovich, the appeal is supplemented with a picture showing how the information about the reception of citizens by members of the Hrodna City Council is presented at the website of the Hrodna City Executive Committee.

Bear in mind that in the previous answer, Chairman of the Brest City Council Mikalai Krasouski reported that members of the council didn't have any specific days for reception of citizens and meet with them "when necessary". However, how can a voter who wants to get an audience find his/her deputy if there is no possibility to learn about the borders of the electoral constituencies and the places of meetings with the deputies?

"We are living in the 21-st century, and
the authorities should use the technical possibilities of our time in communication with citizens. Without entering into the debate about the technical peculiarities of the case, we ask you to foster the implementation of this practice in our city council, as it better satisfies the requirements of your electors," reads the new appeal of activists of "Social Office".