Minsk court convicts Chernobyl Way protesters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Police officers guarding Chernobyl Way demonstration. Photo by Radio Liberty’s Belarus service.

Police officers guarding Chernobyl Way demonstration. Photo by Radio Liberty’s Belarus service.

The court of Minsk’s Savetski district considered today administrative charges brought against six participants of yesterday’s Chernobyl Way march, who were detained immediately after the meeting. In addition, the court heard the case of former political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich, who was detained ahead of the demonstration.

Judge Maryna Fiodarava considered the administrative offence reports (Art. 17.1, hooliganism and Art. 23.34, participation in an unauthorized mass event) against Dzianis Karnou. Witnesses representing the police say that Dzianis Karnou was swearing and resisted when being dragged to a police car. The sentence is 20 days of arrest.

The case of Mikalai Kolas was considered by Judge Kiryl Palulekh. Mikalai Kolas says that he was beaten in a police bus and complained of a stiff arm. He told the court that the offence report was written under torture and he was not allowed to call home. Mikalai Kolas was eventually punished with arrest of 15 days.

The case of Leanid Smouzh was considered by Judge Laukova. The charges are backed by a witness named Syravatau, commander of the group of riot police. Leanid Smouzh explained that they were held standing against the wall at the police station for more than three hours. The sentence to him is arrest for 20 days.

Vladimir Novikov, a Russian citizen, has been sentenced to 15 days of arrest under two charges, disobeying police and hooliganism.

Aliaksandr Kurbaskin was sentenced to 20 days of arrest.

Valery Tamilin also received 20 days in jail. His case was heard by Judge Maryna Fiodarava.

The same judge sentenced Aliaksandr Stukin to 20 days of arrest.

Aliaksandr Frantskevich was sentenced to 25 days of arrest.

Homel activist Yury Rubtsou was detained while wearing a T-shirt saying “Lukashenka, Leave!”. He demanded to be tried in the courtroom and not in Judge’s office. Rubtsou was brought to court without a shirt, wearing pants only. He was sentenced to 25 days in prison. He said that he was going to declare a hunger strike. Rubtsou also faced criminal charges for insulting the judge.