State-owned media disclose details about recent death convict Lykau

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Investigative Committee told the major Sovetskaya Belorussia state-run daily certain details on the murders committed by Eduard Lykau, who was sentenced to death in late November. It is noteworthy that for one of the murders an innocent man spent seven years in prison.

According to the investigation, the first two murders were committed in 2002 – a feast was followed by a conflict, in which Eduard Lykau killed his former cellmate and his mother.

However, an innocent person (the victims’ brother and son) was convicted of this crime and served seven years in prison.

According to representatives of the Investigative Committee, at the time he was intoxicated. During the investigation, he allegedly repeated, “I do not remember what happened, maybe it really was me.”

“He persuaded himself that he had killed his brother for the fact that the latter had ruined their mother’s life. He served his sentence and was genuinely surprised when he learned that he had nothing to do with the murders,” says Sovetskaya Belorussia.

According to investigators, the third murder was committed by Lykau ​​in 2004, when he killed the lover of his concubine, the alleged motive was jealousy.

In 2011, according to investigators, Lykau killed the woman herself after she said she would to kick him out of the house.

Eduard Lykau was arrested in September 2011, after a 74-year-old man was killed near Minsk. According to the materials of the case, the convict and victim had a fight, during which the latter received several blows with a pipe.

Thus, nine years had passed between the first murder and Eduard Lykau’s arrest.

A psychiatric examination showed that Lykov has an extremely aggressive personality, but is mentally sound andcan control his actions.

On November 26, 2013 the Minsk Regional Court sentenced Eduard Lykau to death. The convict filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Information on the identity of Eduard Lykau, his crimes and the sentence appeared only after certain information was reported by human rights defenders. Before that, the law enforcement and judicial authorities had not informed about the case.